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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 07:08

Discover your audience with Yahoo’s Ad Delivery Report and enhanced reporting

DetectiveYou may already know that Yahoo!’s Ad Delivery Report is a great way for you to track and impr0ve the effectiveness of your search campaigns. But did you know that the data can also be used to help your display campaigns perform better?

“I’ve used the Yahoo! Ad Delivery Report and enhanced reporting to leverage our search marketing insights to target display ad strategy and deliver greater results,” says Yahoo!’s Gabriel Elliott, an account executive who has helped many advertisers take advantage of these tools.

The Ad Delivery Report, helps advertisers fine-tune their campaigns by helping identify under-performing sites, block out any irrelevant publishers, and focus on the best performing sites.


Quelle surprise!
The Ad Delivery Report, combined with our enhanced targeting features is increasingly being used by advertisers to improve their display campaigns, as well as their search marketing campaigns, says Elliott. For example, one client who was targeting men to promote a new online football game with his display campaign discovered, to its surprise, that more women were actually clicking on its search marketing ads than men, according to the enhanced demographic reporting.

“This is a great example of Yahoo!’s ability to leverage its science and technology, combined with scale, to find out who your audience is and craft a more effective, more targeted display campaign,” says Elliott.

Audience insight at scale
“Only Yahoo! offers this kind of insight at such a vast scale,” continues Elliott. “Six hundred million people use Yahoo! each month, many of them already registered and logged in, offering advertisers enormous insights and precision-targeted opportunities.”

For more info, visit Yahoo! Advertising, or contact your Yahoo! Advertising account executive—a real, live person is there to help.

By the way, Gabe Elliott also founded our LinkedIn group. Join Gabe and the rest of us in the conversation on LinkedIn. You can follow Gabe on Twitter.

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Thanks Brett.
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Very interesting article Gabe. Your site is a great resource. I will visit often.

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