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Microsoft adCenter RAIS For Premium Advertisers Only E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 00:00
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Yahoo has offered rich ads in search (RAIS) for a while now and since Microsoft has taken over control of search ads, Bing is working on incorporating that feature.

Pamela Parker at Search Engine Land reported that the Microsoft pilot is now over and this feature is now available to "premium advertisers" for their "brand and navigational terms" to bid on.

What does a RAIS look like? Here is how it looks on Yahoo:

An advertiser wanted to participate and asked why he couldn't in the Microsoft Advertising Forums, he was told by Microsoft rep, Ricky Poole, after a long struggle in getting the answer:

What I found was this came out of pilot in October and is currently being offered to premium advertisers for their brand and navigational terms.

Ricky Poole added:

Yes, RAIS is a limited offering at
this time but stay tuned to the blog for updates as they become available.

How soon? Who knows.

Forum discussion at Microsoft Advertising Forums.

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