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Mobile ad spend poised to surpass print E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2014 06:09
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion >> 
eMarketer says US total media ad spend should hit $180.12 billion dollars this year which is a 5% growth over last year. 5% doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s the biggest growth percentage we’ve seen since 2004. That’s a nice vote of confidence in the economy – because we wouldn’t be spending on advertising […]
Picking Up Girls With Lamborghini Web Video Speaks Volumes E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2014 04:46
Adweek : Technology >> 

Is the best pickup line a fancy ride? If YouTube content creator VitalyzdTV’s clip of him wordlessly inviting women into his Lamborghini is any indicator, then a luxury vehicle is the best way to woo a lady. 

The video—which has been viewed upward of 10.5 million times since it was uploaded on June 19—shows VitalyzdTV randomly driving up to women on the street and, solely relying on the power of hand gestures and nods, successfully getting several people to jump into his Lamborghini. It's shocking how these women are all-too-willing to sit in the passenger seat, especially considering the stranger driving the vehicle is creepily not uttering a single word.

Also, making it onto this week's top Web series chart is Epic Rap Battles of History's Sir Isaac Newton

Instagram Users Show Their Love of World Cup Soccer E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2014 04:03
Adweek : Technology >> 

The Internet just fails to make sense sometimes, and this week's Adweek/Shareablee top 10 brands using Instagram video represents another example of its random nature.

While it's not at all surprising that three brands on the chart are soccer-related thanks to the World Cup, it's fair to wonder why FC Barcelona—in its first appearance on our three-month-old rankings—sits as high as third. The Spanish pro team features forward Lionel Messi in its uniform, which is fine except for the fact everyone is now focused on the soccer great's play for Argentina in the Cup. It would have made a lot more sense for FC Barcelona to blow up Instagram video weeks ago when it competed in the UEFA Champions League, but that scenario did not come to pass.


Digital Video Ads That Make You Want to Click E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2014 03:57
Adweek : Technology >> 

Kraft, Nike, Target and Walmart are trialing new video technology that makes ads interactive. In the case of Kraft, a 15-second clip comes with pop-up information on the brand and its products.

As the video runs, a click over one of the frames pulls up a pastry recipe or product details for Miracle Whip.

Fuisz Media, based in Santa Monica, Calif., just raised $2.1 million to develop the technology and recently struck testing deals with Kraft and the other previously mentioned brands.

Interactive video is a growing segment in digital advertising along with video in general. Just yesterday, Facebook bought LiveRail, a platform that delivers digital video ads to publishers online and in apps. And Google recently launched a premium ad network for brands to buy

Coca-Cola Will Take Over Nascar, Yahoo Sites for Fourth of July E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2014 00:08
Adweek : Technology >> 

Coca-Cola is putting some digital marketing muscle into its sponsorship of the 56th annual Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona International Speedway this weekend. Coke Zero spokeswoman Danica Patrick will tout the soda at the event and through digital ads that target sports fans rolling out tomorrow and Saturday.

The Fourth of July effort is part of Coke’s summer Share a Coke program. Via a microsite, consumers can swap out the logos on virtual products with 250 names or nicknames. The content can then be shared via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.

The soda giant will begin blasting out digital ads this weekend for the Coke Zero 400 that drive traffic to the summer campaign’s microsite.

Homepage takeovers on Nascar.com and Yahoo.com/Nascar will run on Saturday. For

This Agency Was Tackling Search Before Google Even Existed E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 12:06
Adweek : Technology >> 

Who Michael Bruh (l.), president, COO; Selina Eizik, U.S. CEO; Anton Konikoff, founder, global CEO
What Paid search and SEO agency
Where New York, London and Singapore

Talk about old school. Launched in 1995—three years before Google even existed—Acronym tackled search engine marketing. Today, the New York-based shop focuses primarily on search engine optimization and paid search. That said, Acronym, which competes with iCrossing and iProspect, is just as happy helping marketers optimize their in-house search function; more than half its business stems from such consulting services, according to U.S. CEO Selina Eizik. “Our angle is if we can make you a superstar at your company, we’re successful,” she said. Top accounts include SAP, Accenture,

The 5 Things Marketers Are Saying About Vine's Loop Count E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 07:56
Adweek : Technology >> 

Vine yesterday revealed a "loop count" metric to show marketers and users how often people are watching their six-second videos. Prior to the metric's availability, they had to focus on likes, comments and revines (same as a retweet) to measure the impact of their social clips. Loops have replaced revines on the platform.

The development comes as a relief to brands such as Tide, Milk Bone, Charmin and Red Vines that regularly put resources into the 18-month-old social media platform.

Here's what marketers had to say about Vine's "loop count."

1. It's about time. Prior to the metric, marketers couldn't see how many views they were generating on Vine. Loops help brands justify putting budget toward the social videos.

"With digital/mobile spend being under intense

How an Agency's Fight Against AIDS Led to an Unforgettable Moment With Bono E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 07:03
Adweek : Technology >> 

Jonathan Ive, Apple design svp (Getty Images)

It was one of the most interesting and unscripted moments of this year's Cannes Lions, and it only happened because one man was willing to make a fool of himself to help save lives.

In the closing moments of Bono's presentation at Cannes, the singer asked attendees to share their ideas for partnerships that could boost his anti-AIDS nonprofit, (Red). Also on stage, though largely silent throughout the event, was Apple design guru Jonathan Ive.

Several members of the crowd jumped at the chance, and soon the session's time had run out. That's when Ive noticed an audience member gesticulating wildly at him, trying to get the microphone. 

"He smiled at

Who Says There Are too Many Facebook Ads? Developing World Says More Brands, Please E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 06:57
Adweek : Technology >> 

Kelly MacLean’s job as Facebook’s lead ad planner in emerging markets is to watch people watch ads. She travels to places like Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa to study the local behavior so Facebook can come up with marketing that works in those countries.

In the United States, social media marketing can feel like an intrusion. In the developing world the challenge is too few ads, not too many, MacLean said.

In developing countries people actually want to connect with brands more, she added. For instance, she’s seen Facebook users take screen grabs of ads, saving them with their phones.

“Sitting with people on the ground, watching them consume content on Facebook, we saw several people take screenshots of ads and then take it and share it with friends,” MacLean said. “It took

If you send customer emails, you’re already on mobile E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 06:50
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion >> 
Mobile has become one of those giant marketing monsters that both intrigues and frightens anyone running a business. It’s all about apps, right? And you have to have a coding genius on staff if you want an app, right? And I have to redesign my whole website and make it skinny, right? So it will […]
Facebook Buys LiveRail to Grow Its Video Ad Business E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 04:21
Adweek : Technology >> 

Facebook is buying video ad platform LiveRail and giving it control of a network that powers advertising for high-profile publishers—online and on mobile. LiveRail delivers video ads to websites and apps for Major League Baseball, ABC, A+E Networks and Dailymotion.

"LiveRail also helps marketers by providing them with access to premium video inventory and the information that they need in order to decide where to show their ads," Facebook said in its announcement. "What LiveRail ultimately offers is a complete advertising solution for video publishers."

Facebook already offers what it calls a premium video ad product on its network. Last year, it launched video commercials that automatically play in users' News Feeds, and it has been competing heavily for digital video ad dollars against places like Google, Twitter, AOL and Yahoo.

One of the growing concerns of marketers is the quality of video inventory,

Mobile Ads Will Surpass Print and Radio This Year E-mail
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 03:17
Adweek : Technology >> 

Yes, there's money to be made in mobile advertising.

New York-based eMarketer predicts mobile will account for 9.8 percent of the total United States ads marketplace this year, surpassing newspapers (9.3 percent), magazines (8.4 percent) and radio (8.6 percent). Brands are spending 83 percent more on ads on phones and tablets compared to 2013, allowing the larger digital category to account for 30 percent of the advertising marketplace, per the research company.

And it said the general ad market will increase 5.3 percent year over year in 2014 to $180 billion, thanks to jumps in mobile and TV advertising. Such growth marks the first time since 2004 that the U.S. advertising landscape has lifted by more than 5 percent, according to eMarketer. 

Credit Facebook, Google and

Canada’s new email law: gone too far or list optimization at its finest? E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 23:28
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion >> 
Yesterday was a big day for Canada. Yes, of course, it celebrated Canada Day, but it also saw a new anit-spam email law go into effect, and apparently that put businesses in a tizzy trying to comply: Under a new antispam law that went into effect on Tuesday, the sender of any commercial electronic message […]
CMOs Expect 75% of Marketing Budgets to Be Digital Within 5 Years E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:21
Adweek : Technology >> 

A survey of CMOS shows they understand the industry is going digital, but they are still resisting the label.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

CMOs Are Preparing for Digital to Grow to 75% of Marketing Budgets E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:21
Adweek : Technology >> 

A survey of CMOs shows they understand the industry is going digital, but they are still resisting the "digital" label for their companies.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

Google Boosts Music Offerings With Songza Deal E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 10:43
Adweek : Technology >> 

Google's musical ambitions took another step forward today with its purchase of Songza, a music-discovery app that complements a streaming music service and another service that Google is developing with YouTube.

"Over the coming months, we'll explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music," Google said in a blog post today. "We'll also look for opportunities to bring their great work to the music experience on YouTube and other Google products."

Google is launching a YouTube music service on top of its monthly subscription Play offering. Songza operates more like Pandora in streaming radio, delivering songs and playlists based on particular moods or context. For instance, the app will serve up rainy day or gym mixes.

Songza's sale price was not revealed, but The New York Post

Survey says referral marketing brings them in, email keeps them active E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 07:13
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion >> 
Digital ad spending is on the rise. The industry is headed for a $137 billion dollar payday, representing one quarter of all paid media spending worldwide. Gigaom says that’s up from last year and it should go up again in 2015, as 60% of the companies they surveyed said they were going to spend even […]
A Look Back At Google's History of Social Media Failures E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 07:02
Adweek : Technology >> 

In some alternate social media history, the term Crush List is a verb—meaning to elevate a friend to the most prominent position within one’s social network. And somewhere MySpace founder Tom Anderson is cursing the name Orkut Buyukkokten—not Mark Zuckerberg. And in this reality, social media giant Google has more than a billion people on Orkut, the service that defined the next great Internet era after search.

Orkut’s official release date was January 2004; Facebook’s was February that year. In this reality, this week, Google announced it would shut down the network.

The loss of Orkut is yet another sign of how social still vexes Google, a company that tinkers with autonomous cars. Sure, it has Google+, but even that strategy has its troubles to the point that tech blogs are reporting on its imminent demise, too.


Shoot, Upload, Repeat: Vine adds loop counter and milestone markers E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 06:06
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion >> 
We haven’t talked about Vine in a while, but that’s mostly because those little, loopy videos have become so commonplace on social media. But even though the novelty has worn off, we’re still captivated by the artistry of a well-made Vine video. Digital Insights says Vine has 40 million users and 5 Vines are Tweeted […]
Geek & Sundry Goes Big With San Diego Comic-Con Activations E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 05:00
Adweek : Technology >> 

Digital entertainment company Geek & Sundry is gearing up for a jam-packed schedule during this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, starting with a hosted space where its fans can meet the network's stars and see upcoming previews.

"Comic-Con is where our fans live and breathe," Geek & Sundry co-founder Sheri Bryant stated.

The two-day lounge, which will be held on July 24 and 25, has already attracted big name sponsors including Microsoft Surface, Wizards of The Coast, Logitech G and AMD for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The events will be held outside the main Comic-Con headquarters at nearby Jolt N' Joes.

Bryant, Kim Evey and actress Felicia Day founded Geek & Sundry in 2012 as part of the YouTube Original Channel Initiative. The nerd online network grew

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